CEO Filip Buerms

RAJA is one of the largest packaging, office and warehouse product specialists in Europe with 25 companies in 19 countries. Its products are used by more than 1 million customers Europe-wide. RAJA’s products are used for a wide range of activities from packaging for a company’s ecommerce offer to office materials for all types of industries. RAJA has been collaborating with Essensium to test Essensium’s SafeTrack solution which will now be implemented in their Belgian warehouse in Tongres, Belgium. Essensium’s most recent use case video – filmed at RAJA  – is a great example of the different scenarios that have been tested in a real live environment.

Recently RAJA Belgium opened its doors for a joint conference with Essensium to showcase – through a set of live demos – the latest SafeTrack solution in their warehouse.

The joint conference was attended by of 14 leading industrial partners from a wide range of industries including retail, transport and logistics, industrial equipment, etc… . The conference focused on illustrating how forklift-to-forklift and forklift-to-pedestrian safety can be implemented to ensure a zero-accident approach on the work floor. Other use cases focused on how warehouse productivity can substantially benefit from exploiting the exact location of pallets in a “Pick and Drop “context. A great partnership and a very successful event illustrating the different use cases in the RAJA  facilities.

We sincerely thank RAJA for the great collaboration and hospitality. Learn more about the latest Essensium Positioning Solution here or watch the video here. Discover RAJA’s product offer here.

Contact our sales team here to discuss how Essensium’s latest RTLS can help your business operations or contact us by mail or phone on +32 (0)16 28 65 00.