We build state of the art solutions in close collaboration with leading industrial and logistics customers and forklift manufacturers.

Essensium is a leader in the engineering and commercialization of high tech forklift safety solutions. Together with our customers, our forklift partners and our ecosystem partners we create solutions for bringing safety and efficiency to complex and potentially dangerous warehousing and production environments.

Our Customers

Essensium is extremely proud to closely collaborate with some of the leading names in the industry to deploy its solutions to safeguard people and assets but also to create full transparency on all activity in the defined safety zone(s).

Together with our customers we set up an audit to understand the full situation at the different workplaces where vehicles and pedestrians meet, how to make the sites safer, what technology to use, what alarms to set up, where to implement the different nodes needed to cover the tracking area and what data analytics are needed for reporting purposes.

Whatever the challenge, Essensium works closely together with its customers to create the safest and most efficient working environment.

Essensium regularly hosts highly successful Demo Days, drawing in international companies to witness firsthand the innovative features and capabilities of SafeTrack. A demo day provides an excellent opportunity to showcase our smart Safetrack™ solution in a real life setting.

Watch below how our international customer Raja Benelux installed our SafeTrack solution in their warehouse.

leading in Customer Applications


Collision Warning Systems have been used by more than 20 customers that have partnered with us to deliver solutions to address the complex warehousing and production environments, guaranteeing the safety of people and assets and the efficiency of movements. To find out more about our solutions click here: ga naar EPS. To find out more about our services click here.

In the video below, one of our customers, RAJA turned to Essensium, to install our SafeTrack system – which uses artificial intelligence – to both new and existing forklifts, to increase employee welfare on the one hand and productivity of warehouse operations on the other hand.

Collision Warning Systems

Collision avoidance in action

Our forklift Partners

Essensium collaborates intensively with the innovation & solution departments of leading material handling equipment vendors. This allows us to guarantee that the Essensium solutions installed on the Forklifts work perfectly together without any impact on safety and the integrity of both products.

This pan-European collaboration is very extended and covers testing, installation and validation of the Essensium solutions in the different OEM expertise centers before the system is supplied to the final end-user or customer.

This far going collaboration includes the exchange of market expertise and technology ideas to see how together, we can create new state-of-the-art solutions for the warehousing and intralogistics industry.

Find out more about our partnership with our material handling equipment vendors in our SafeTrack Technical solution sheet.

our partnerships

Over the past years Essensium has been able to make great progress with its high tech solutions by closely collaborating with its customers and leading institutions like Logis, focusing on training all safety aspects for forklift drivers.

Our partnerships have also led to the co-creation of new solutions, real time testing’ of our new products and much more assuring that our solutions are fit to (unmet) customer & market needs. Another great partnership that has been set up is with the VIL (Flanders Innovations Cluster for Logistics).