Taking forklift safety & warehouse productivity to the next level

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Protect your people and your fleet

Real Time Positioning

Accurate real-time fleet tracking


Improving warehouse efficiency 

Our Benefits

Vehicle Centric

Vendor agnostic vehicle positioning and alerting equipment for your entire fleet


Your fleet is the core of the solution. No extra hardware required

Collision Avoidance

Detect and prevent potential collisions


People detection with on-board AI vision


Tailor the solution to your environment and your safety guidelines


Remote monitoring provided by us to ensure the health and efficiency of your system

Our customers say

"Thanks to the use of the Essensium SafeTrack system, vehicles and pedestrians can safely work together in our expedition and reception area, the area with the most interactions between vehicles and pedestrians. The solution of co-existence designed by Essensium has been beneficial for the safety of our operations."

Eric Cravatte
Chargé de projets dans le service Flux/Sous-traitance, L’OREAL

"We have installed the Essensium SafeTrack system with speed reduction. Their flexible SafeTrack engine has been configured to allow only 1 vehicle per VNA, actively preventing safety incidents in our VNAs."

Bert Deroover
Facility Manager, KOMATSU

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