How does our SafeTrack Vehicles system contribute to staff safety, and what specific features enhance the overall safety of warehouse operations?

The SafeTrack Safety Assistance System uses EPS or the Essensium Positioning System for a combination of vehicle position detection and inter-vehicle ranging to provide a multi-layer approach to collision avoidance with built-in redundancy.

The site operator can specify ´Safe Operating Distances´ for the different vehicles and for the different locations, these are made available on the devices installed in the vehicles to understand what areas have been created for the vehicle to move around in.

Our 3 pillars for Safetrack vehicles

Camera based

Vehicle centric approach

No additional infrastructure

Camera based – Safetrack vehicles

An audible alarm and visual indicator inside the cabin warns the vehicle operators when they are violating the Safe Operating Distances but also other alarms can be easily integrated like speed related alerts. The system brings significant benefits in terms of staff safety and also increased productivity due to the ability to operate in more dense configurations.

Vehicle centric approach – Safetrack Vehicles

Essensium has designed a true vehicle-centric approach. With a redundant  positioning solution and without the need for incremental infrastructure we’re succeeded in substantially to improving accuracy and reliability.

This fusion of several camera-based sensors mounted on the forklift guarantees  vehicle and pedestrian safety.  This allows us to build specific scenarios related to the aisles, areas in the warehouse, etc… and ensure prevention of collision (i.e. speed reduction of the forklift, impact on the brakes of forklift ..).

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Forklift Trucks

Our Forklift Partnerships – Safetrack Vehicles

Essensium collaborates intensively with the innovation & solution departments of leading material handling equipment manufacturers.

This allows us to guarantee that the Essensium solutions installed on the Forklifts work perfectly together without any impact on safety and the integrity of both products.

Read how our partnerships guarantee an end to end approach for your operations. Read more here.