The SafeTrack Safety Assistance System for pedestrians uses AI enabled object recognition to understand where pedestrians are located in relationship to the vehicles.

The system informs the drivers where the pedestrians are and makes sure to detect them early and avoid any collisions or other dangerous situations. It doesn’t need any people tags to recognize pedestrians so no issue if people forget their tags, they are protected by the system’s visual inspection approach.

This view is displayed in real time on their monitor that is constantly receiving new data. If the pedestrian is close to the vehicle an alarm will go off inside the forklift and the forklift will slow down or even be stopped.

The alarms can be fully personalized according to customers wishes or the system can be coupled to a traffic light system if available.

our 3 pillars for safetrack™ pedestrian

AI Based

No people tags required

Camera inspection

Pedestrian safety

Essensium’s innovation drive has focused on extensive research on the relative positioning of workforce in the warehouse sites around the forklift using new definitions for alarms based on variable distance and a neural network based approach (i.e.  AI solution).

The camera solution mounted on the forklift vehicle ensures real-time processing of the images to identify and locate pedestrians in the warehousing environment.  No need for people tags to be safe. The processing info is used to generate alerts and alarms to guarantee collision avoidance and prevent accidents with workforce. This new approach will be made available for trials starting in the summer of 2022. To know more contact our sales team to discuss how we can team up for a trial at your facilities.


Customizability – Safetrack™ Pedestrian

We do not believe in a “one solution fits all” approach. At Essensium we pride ourselves to closely collaborate with our customers to adapt our solutions to make them fit to work in the specific environment in which they will operate in. Talk to our sales team to understand how we can adapt our solutions to your specific operational challenges.

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