Warehouse Safety Solutions

Our solutions address the complex warehousing and production environments guaranteeing
the safety of people and assets and the efficiency of movements.

Warehouse Safety Solutions

SafeTrack Vehicles
Warehouse safety Solutions

The SafeTrack Safety Assistance System uses EPS or the Essensium Positioning System for a combination of vehicle position detection and inter-vehicle ranging to provide a multi-layer approach to collision avoidance with built-in redundancy.

The site operator can specify ´Safe Operating Distances´ for the different vehicles and for the different locations, these are made available on the devices installed in the vehicles to understand what areas have been created for the vehicle to move around in.

An audible alarm and visual indicator inside the cabin warns the vehicle operators when they are violating the Safe Operating Distances but also other alarms can be easily integrated like speed related alerts. The system brings significant benefits in terms of staff safety and also increased productivity due to the ability to operate in more dense configurations.

SafeTrack pedestrians
Warehouse safety Solutions

The SafeTrack Safety Assistance System for pedestrians uses AI enabled object recognition to understand where pedestrians are located in relationship to the vehicles.

The system informs the drivers where the pedestrians are and makes sure to detect them early and avoid any collisions or other dangerous situations. It doesn’t need any people tags to recognize pedestrians so no issue if people forget their tags, they are protected by the system’s visual inspection approach.

This view is displayed in real time on their monitor that is constantly receiving new data. If the pedestrian is close to the vehicle an alarm will go off inside the forklift and the forklift will slow down or even be stopped.

The alarms can be fully personalized according to customers wishes or the system can be coupled to a traffic light system if available.

Essensium Services
Warehouse safety Solutions

Essensium helps its customers with a wide range of EPS services.

Whatever the support you need, count on us. From site surveys to full on-site support.

Whatever your need, count on us to survey, design, deliver, install and manage thereby guaranteeing you a full peace of mind so you can focus on production and logistics while we take care of improving the workforce and fleet safety and efficiency in warehousing.

Interested in a Proof of Concept (PoC), get in touch with us and let’s discuss how a PoC can create valuable insights for your organization.