Boris Berghmans

Successful Rollout of SafeTrack™

Protecting employees on the workplace where numerous material handling equipements are active has been a major concern for many companies. Confronted with a top-notch security system like SafeTrack™ from Essensium, most react puzzled “Does this really exist?”

Let’s be clear: SafeTrack™ is no fiction. After years of research, this system was launched by Essensium® and immediately met with overwhelming success. SafeTrack™ effectively protects vehicles and pedestrians on the workfloor and increases productivity. In addition, the Essensium SafeTrack™ Safety Assistence System ensures pedestrian safety by using AI object recognition to determine where pedestrians are in relation to vehicles. The system informs drivers where pedestrians are and ensures early detection and avoidance of collisions or other conflicts.

Innovative Technology

We asked Boris Berghmans, VP Sales, for more explanation. “SafeTrack™ is a fully developed system to provide protection for employees on the workfloor. The system employs highly innovative technology, namely Vision Technology, paired with Artificial Intelligence. The basic principle is real-time positioning of all vehicles on the workfloor, with automatic intervention when conflicts arise. Vehicles are then automatically slowed down. This real-time positioning system is linked to a customer portal to track the flow of vehicles on the workfloor at any time (Digital twin). This allows correct and rapid analysis of traffic flows in the warehouse, allowing effective intervention to improve those shifting flows and boost productivity without compromising safety.”

Rapid Expansion

“SafeTrack™ is 100% made in Belgium; it is a purely Belgian product created by our own R&D team. The results of this innovative technology have convinced industry leaders such as Cummins, Komatsu, and Callebaut. Meanwhile, the success radiates beyond the Benelux and we are now targeting the United States, among others. Entities with local sales managers have already been set up in France, Germany, Great Britain and Ireland. After all, the interest in an effective security system is equally high everywhere. Our customer L’Oreal, for example, already uses our security system in 11 countries. We also have agreements with the largest manufacturers of forklift trucks and material handling equipment and can offer complete solutions together with them. Indeed, one of our strengths is thinking with our customers to develop a tailor-made solution for them.”

Source: Transportmedia