Boris Berghmans

In 2021, there were more than 147,000 accidents in the workplace in Belgium and 60% of these  accidents led to a temporary or long-term period of work incapacity*. Maximising pedestrian safety and well-being in the warehouse will always be Essensium’s and its customers’ top priority and is the driving force behind our new, best-in-market smart solution.

SafeTrack™ Pedestrian is all about using AI to prevent accidents by maximising collision avoidance for pedestrians. It offers HSE- and Logistics managers an unprecedented real time solution that:

  • Prevents accidents, injuries and fatalities to ensure welfare of their employees, thereby saving accident-/injury-/fatality-related costs
  • Improves logistics
  • Complies with warehouse safety regulations to avoid fines and legal consequences

Early detection maximises protection

SafeTrack™ Pedestrian alerts forklift drivers to pedestrians that are too close and keeps them out of harm’s way by detecting them early. Its safety assistance system significantly reduces collisions or other dangerous situations.

Key Features: 

  • Safety assistance system: an AI-based camera system detects pedestrians around the A four-light tower then warns the driver of danger in real time and automatically slows down the vehicle to avoid collision according to pre-set SafeTrack™ rules.
  • AI algorithms differentiate between a pedestrian and an object (which may look like a human being). It recognises different postures/positions such as tying a shoe lace, partially visible persons, wearing all kinds of clothing – thereby ensuring a low number of false alarms.
  • No infrastructure needed: The system’s visual inspection approach means people tags are not needed to recognise pedestrians, so no problem if people forget to wear t
  • Real-time positioning of pedestrians within the warehouse. Our technology discerns specific zones on the warehouse floor plan and responds accordingly allowing for a more targeted and efficient application of safety measures. It minimizes false alarms in situations where individuals are already in safe areas, contributing to a smoother and less disruptive operation within the warehouse environment.

Interested in taking forklift safety at your warehouse to the next level? Contact us and we will show you how SafeTrack™ Pedestrian will get you there!