CEO Filip Buerms

A leading Facility Management provider published what it saw as the key challenges in Facility Management.

  • Cost control. Do more with less.
  • Multitasking & coordinating teams.
  • Time management.
  • Handle failure.
  • Maintenance of aging equipment & facilities.

Many of these challenges can be supported by Essensium’s new intelligent camera-based Positioning System.

In many occasions the system records and analyzes elements which are not picked up by other systems which mostly have another purpose than analyzing and recording ongoing warehousing activities.
Essensium’s EPS records all movements of vehicles in the warehouse and with the help of its unique camera-based technology and performance based analytics, it keeps track of everything it sees in the warehouse or production environment.

Besides analyzing the performance of the equipment on which it has been installed. It analyzes the situation in the warehouse and can detect and report discrepancies whether linked to the equipment or the situation in the warehouse including cleanliness and picks up data on elements that should not be there.

Essensium’s Positioning System not only manages the safety of all vehicles and pedestrians in the environment it operates in but also manages the overall productivity. It does this by analyzing the congestion and the safety of certain routes within the facilities, analyzing where inventory has been dropped and usage of all vehicles used. Besides this unique set of features it analyzes many more elements supporting any Facility Management challenge.

Whether related to to vehicles, warehouse conditions and potential defects in and around the facilities. It saves a lot of time and efforts and initiates reports as soon as defects are detected for Facility Management to make good use of.

Interested in how Essensium’s EPS not only supports your productivity, safety and inventory challenges but also creates substantial benefits for Facility Management purposes? Contact our sales team here to discuss how Essensium’s latest RTLS can help your business operations or contact us by mail or phone on +32 (0)16 28 65 00.