Essensium, leader in positioning and safety systems for the logistics and warehousing industry, launches a new web platform Essensium is a Belgian based global leader in the engineering and commercialization of high tech forklift safety solutions. To help its successful expansion into new markets and industries it has decided to adopt a new positioning strategy and move to a new web platform. The company was founded in 2005 as a spin-off of Leuven based IMEC and has been successfully expanding internationally, supported by a team of engineers highly specialized in real-time positioning systems (RTLS) for warehouse operations. Its EPS Positioning and Safety solution has been implemented in the operations of industrial leading players ranging from L’Oréal to BASF. Essensium’s solution can be seen as a Safety Assistance System built into Forklifts (in partnership with leading brands of forklifts) that helps to reduce the potential for collision between vehicles or with pedestrians in warehouses or at industrial sites with a high number of vehicles in operation. Thanks to the build-in safety system and the creation of virtual safety zones in which the vehicles need to move, the safety of people and materials and the efficiency by which goods can be transported can be improved considerably. The new positioning of Essensium will not only contribute to a clearer understanding of the value proposition of Essensium, it will also support the ongoing international expansion of the company. The website has been built around the core elements of the company: expertise, technology, high tech solutions for complex warehousing & production environments and partnerships. Besides promoting the company and its core solutions the website will help visitors understand how Essensium is bringing safety and efficiency to complex and potentially dangerous warehousing and production environments. How can we guarantee a better working environment? How do we increase efficiency into our daily operations and how can we analyze in real-time our operational data and make the necessary adaptations so we can support the company’s targets. Our focus lies on making operations predictable and this is illustrated by a series of animations showcasing how Essensium stands out in this area. The new website has gone live on February 23rd and will be further expanded as a channel to continuously inform customers, partners and prospects on how Essensium helps to make our working environment a true safer place to work, constantly evaluating how we can make things better. Essensium’s website can be visited as of now on, for more information contact Essensium on or +32 (0)16 28 65 00