Essensium is a leader in the engineering and commercialization of RTLS (Real Time Location Systems) for the logistics and warehousing industry. Its Essensium Positioning System (EPS) has enhanced the safety of forklifts and pedestrians for over a decade at customers throughout Europe. The newly announced next generation EPS is based on a multi-camera approach, further increasing the accuracy of the forklift tracking, taking logistics safety and productivity to the next level. It is easy to install on any type or brand of forklift and is completely vehicle-centric, is does  not require any infrastructure. Logistics operations have never been easier to manage. 

Safety has been and remains a cornerstone of the EPS offering. The SafeTrack application leverages the accurate real-time position of the EPS platform to enhance the safety in the warehouse: it continuously evaluates the positions and movements of all vehicles and pedestrians against a set of safety rules tailored to the customer environment. SafeTrack works for Forklift-to-Forklift and Forklift-to-Pedestrian interactions, actively warning the drivers and the pedestrians of upcoming potentially dangerous situations. The system can also be configured to automatically slow down the vehicle. 

To ensure the correct functioning of the EPS system, the vehicle continuously monitors all its SafeTrack components. On top of that, a remote link to Essensium allows to immediately identify potential issues and take appropriate actions. This active monitoring service brings the customer peace of mind, knowing that his warehouse safety is in good hands.

The new RTLS platform not only supports the SafeTrack application, but also enables a suite of productivity tools. Via an online dashboard, EPS users get access to real-time analysis of the overall performance of the equipped vehicles giving a clear view on all key safety and productivity parameters. This includes fleet management, alarm heatmaps, congestion maps, route optimization, and much more to come. All data can be viewed both in real time and as historical data to identify trends. This allows customers to continuously improve the safety and productivity in their warehouse. 

Filip Buerms, Essensium CEO : “We are excited to announce our new camera-based RTLS platform.  Not only can we continue offering the most advanced location-based safety solution, the new platform will open a multitude of applications mainly geared at increasing the productivity in warehouse operations.” 

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