Transport & Logistics 2023

Essensium exhibiting at Transport & Logistics Antwerp 2023

Essensium, is set to exhibit its smart safety technology at the upcoming Transport & Logistics trade show in Antwerp from October 17 to 19. The company’s solution, SafeTrack, has been successfully implemented by international clients, providing a powerful solution for safety in logistics and warehouse operations.

SafeTrack Pedestrians uses AI enabled object recognition to understand where pedestrians are located in relationship to the vehicles. The system informs the drivers where the pedestrians are and makes sure to detect them early and avoid any collisions or other dangerous situations. It doesn’t need any people tags to recognize pedestrians, so no issue if people forget their tags, they are protected by the system’s visual inspection approach.

This view is displayed in real time on their monitor that is constantly receiving new data. If the pedestrian is close to the vehicle an alarm will go off inside the forklift and the forklift will slow down or even be stopped. The alarms can be fully personalized according to customers wishes or the system can be coupled to a traffic light system if available.

Furthermore, SafeTrack is seamlessly integrated with a brand-new portal, offering users real-time insights into safety operations within the warehouse environment. This integration enhances overall safety by providing stakeholders with immediate access to critical information.

Essensium’s presence at the Transport & Logistics trade show in Antwerp provides an excellent opportunity for industry professionals to witness firsthand how SafeTrack Pedestrian can significantly improve safety standards and mitigate the risk of accidents in logistics and warehouse settings.

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