Transport & Logistics event
Essensium's team at T&L Ghent 2022
Transport & Logistics event
Transport & Logistics event

A great show! A successful launch.

Essensium marked a very first successful Transport & Logistics show in Ghent from September 13 till 16 and was overwhelmed with the interest in its latest camera-based Essensium Position System. The event was also the first live demonstration of the new SafeTrack Pedestrian set-up where visitors could see themselves being identified by the system on the big screen.

With increased accuracy the system improves on overall safety in any logistics operation but it also benefits from solid productivity gains. To understand all about the latest EPS solution visit our SafeTrack vehicles here.

We were also very thankful for the great support from Toyota Material Handling (Belgium) who were so kind as to borrow us their newest BT Reflex truck so we could mount our camera-based solution and showcase our solution so a warm thank you for the great collaboration!

Great media coverage.

The media was omnipresent at the event and was impressed with the latest Essensium Positioning System as we could read in the different media reports.

Fokus Industrie magazine – included in the Knack magazine of that week – interviewed Essensium’s CEO Filip Buerms for the Transport & Logistics fair in Ghent.

The interview focused on the latest EPS or Essensium Positioning System, based on the multi-camera approach, where CEO Filip Buerms further explained how easy it is to set up the entire system without the need for additional infrastructure, which is incredibly positive for an accelerated RoI or Return on Investment.

Check out the interview (in Dutch) ESSENSIUM Interview in Fokus Industrie_Sep2022

Check out the full Fokus Industrie magazine (in Dutch) here

On the other hand KMO Insider talked about how Essensium has made it to the top of Real Time Location Systems (RTLS) and how Essensium uses AI (Artificial Intelligence) to guarantee full traceability of forklift trucks and pedestrians guaranteeing a full ease of mind for the users of this latest EPS solution.

The article (in Dutch) can be read here: KMO insider article

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