Boris Berghmans, VP Sales is speaking at 17th HSE Excellence Europe in Amsterdam on 18 April.

Boris will give a talk about ‘Forklift & Pedestrian collision avoidance: the road to zero accidents empowered by visionary A.I. He will delve into the cutting-edge technology behind Essensium SafeTrack, a revolutionary blend of Vision Technology and A.I. designed to revolutionize workplace safety. Attendants will be able to discover how SafeTrack actively prevents forklift and pedestrian collisions, ensuring a secure workplace environment where accidents become a thing of the past and learn firsthand how this innovation seamlessly integrates into warehouse operations without compromising productivity, paving the way for zero productivity loss and maximum safety. Boris will also dive into real-world success stories showcasing tangible safety improvements and remarkable return on investment, proving the transformative power of visionary A.I. in accident prevention.

Join us at HSE Excellence Europe in Amsterdam!