Jessie Heyndrickx

We are excited to introduce two new members of our team: Roel Delcourt and Masoud ShahNazari, project engineers in the Pre-Sales and Post-Sales team of Huub Tubbax. They are responsible for implementing our smart SafeTrack™ solution at our customers’ locations.

Roel graduated in 2020 as an industrial engineer, specialized in electromechanics, from Groep T in Leuven. Prior to joining Essensium, he worked for 3 years as an application engineer at GOM Metrology. GOM Metrology, a company of the ZEISS Group, specializes in industrial 3D measuring technology, 3D computed tomography and 3D testing. In his role, Roel provided technical support to both the sales team and the customer. Depending on the industry, he had to offer expertise tailored to clients’ specific problems respectively. Besides the support, he was responsible for installing and implementing (new) systems. He also conducted hardware and software training sessions for their clients, either to get them started or to give them more insights on expert level.

Masoud holds degrees in Software Engineering (Bachelor’s), Artificial Intelligence (1st Master’s), and English Language & Literature (2nd Master’s). His research centered on Natural Language Processing, a subset of Artificial Intelligence (AI) that encompasses a wide array of applications, including OCR and automatic translation tools akin to Google Translate. Relocating from Iran to Belgium in 2017, Masoud has spent the last 6 years as a research assistant in the Department of Computer Sciences and ESAT at KU Leuven, where he actively contributed to various projects.

What do you do during a typical workday?

Roel & Masoud: The majority of our time is spent at customer’s site, where we closely work together. Our primary responsibility involves the end-to-end installation of the SafeTrack™ solution at the customer’s location throughout Europe. We have a checklist to work with to guide us through the installation process. Depending on the stage of installation planning and timing, we address various challenges such as resolving network issues, measuring references, adjusting the floorplan, checking vehicle positioning in the warehouse, and calibrating the vehicles. We undertake two different types of calibrations with distinct approaches. One focuses specifically on the vehicle, in close collaboration with our R&D team. The other calibration concerns the cameras for pedestrian detection.

What’s the best thing about your job?

Roel: One of the things I really appreciate about my job is that we are directly involved in every aspect of the installation. While it can be challenging to be thrown in at the deep end, the hands-on experience in the field is invaluable. This approach allows us to learn a great deal and effectively solve issues through collaborative problem-solving.

We are the central point of contact for all parties involved in the project. Whether it’s talking to forklift technicians, collaborating with R&D, addressing planning concerns with our manager Huub, or interacting with vehicle operators, we gain insights from each perspective. It’s very motivating and rewarding, because everyone involved is doing everything possible for forklift safety. Knowing that we contribute to enhancing workforce safety is rewarding; being part of taking warehouse safety to the next level makes a meaningful impact on society.

Moreover, everyone at Essensium is very helpful. Colleagues immediately drop what they are doing and are there to help you. Everyone has each other’s backs. This dynamic environment makes the learning process quicker and easier. I am part of a great team, and having Huub as a manager is fantastic. Despite his busy schedule, he makes time for us. The overall ambiance is friendly, creating a familial atmosphere.

Masoud: For me the best aspect was the switch from academia to a real life setting, and also the shift from a sedentary working environment to a more active work place. In academia, I spent most of my day sitting, leading to backpain. At academia, theoretical aspects are dominated, and you may be less involved in real life practices. By joining Essensium, I dived into a real life scenario, which involves warehouse safety solutions. It feels great to put those theories into practice and see how you can be helpful with that.

Additionally, at Essensium, there is an open culture, and you are appreciated for the work done. We are provided with the necessary support and tools which allow for a smooth and efficient workflow. If you require resources, the company gives you the tools needed to accomplish your tasks quickly.

What is the most challenging part of your job?

Roel: We have so many ongoing projects at once right now, which makes it challenging to meet the deadlines. We don’t always have complete control over every aspect of the installation process, as we often rely on other parties to conclude their part of the project. You do your best, work hard and try to finish the project on time. This has developed our problem solving skills at a faster pace. You try to be prepared for all the possible scenarios of what could go wrong, and try to figure out how you can still offer the best solution. The key is to think out of the box, explore alternative approaches and to be creative.

Masoud: An important phrase for a technical project engineer is cultivating a problem solving attitude. It’s inevitable that you will face unexpected incidents, and anticipating and preparing for challenges is of great importance there. Some tasks end up taking much more time than initially estimated, requiring us to come up with solutions for unforeseen issues. As Roel mentioned, you have to be creative and think outside of the box to come up with a solution.