Behind the scenes with Emre – EPS Technical Support Engineer 

Emre joined Essensium recently as a Technical Support Engineer. He is part of the team of Huub Tubbax. In his role, Emre is responsible for the internal development and improvement of existing and new EPS products, as well as the deployment of these products to customers. He tells us  what working for Essensium has been like so far.

What do you do during a typical work day?

When I am in the office, I do productization and testing of our RTLS positioning products (SafeTrack). Managing the lab and inventory, preparing the relevant technical documents. I also visit our customers quite often. Do the mapping of the customers’ industrial warehouse and help plan the flow, installing some necessary tools, testing of products, planning of what’s ahead and what can be done.  I like interacting with people, therefore it’s also nice to visit and interact with customers throughout Europe.

What’s the best thing about your job?

Best thing in my job might be the colleagues. Very nice and fun people to work with. Also being in contact with the customers is nice. Interacting a lot. Traveling sometimes is also cool.

What is the most challenging part of your job?

That is a good question. Well, challenges are always there… Without those we wouldn’t be able to improve as a technical team. But there’s no specific challenge we can not deal with thanks to the great support of a  manager like Huub. Customer issues become fun and easy to deal with, you don’t even realize there is one.