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See below for a selection of our available products, based on the EPSTM Technology and the BoomerangTM chipset. Additional variations are available on request.

The hardware for a  typical installation consists of at least one Gateway Node, 3 or more Reference Nodes, and a selection of Mobile Nodes depending on the number and type of items to be tracked.

How to Order

To place an order, or receive a price offer, please contact us by email at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it., providing details of your project requirements. Our team will be happy to assist you in determining the appropriate product configuration for your project.

Evaluation Kit Real Time Location System

Evaluation Kit

An invaluable tool for partners and system integrators, the Evaluation Kit includes infrastructure (Reference Nodes and Gateway) and tags (Mobile Nodes), together with Tracker Server Software and example application software.

For more details, download the Evaluation Kit Flyer by clicking on the image or this link.

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People Tag

Measuring 6.8cm X 4.2cm X 1.8cm, IP66 rated with 2 buttons and 3 LEDs, the People Tag is used for people and asset tracking applications leveraging the range and accuracy advantages of the EPSTM RTLS solution. The standard model is supplied with a 500 mAh rechargable battery and supports both fast and slow recharging via a micro-USB adapter. 


Vehicle Tag

The EPS™ Vehicle Tag enables accurate localization of vehicles like forklift trucks in indoor locations such as warehouses and distribution centers. Positioning performance is maintained in highly-reflective, metallic environments.

The EPS™ Vehicle Tag enables applications such as collision warning systems, fleet management and asset inventory management. Options available include DC-DC converter for powered asset installation, motion detection and Inertial Navigation System (INS) capabilities.

Reference Node

Indoor Reference Node

Quick and easy to install, requiring only a DC power supply via a USB connector or by using the supplied mains power converter. Data network cabling is not required, allowing verstaile infrastructure layouts while minimising the installation costs.
The EPS™ Indoor Reference Node is a basic infrastructural element of the EPS™ RTLS system. An EPS™ Indoor Reference Node is located at a fixed and known position and acts as a positional reference point within the EPS™ RTLS system.


Gateway Node

Available in Indoor and Outdoor options, at least one Gateway Node is required per installation.

With both electric power and data network connections (USB or Ethernet LAN), the Gateay Node co-functions as a Reference Node (located at a fixed and known position) and communicates all ranging data, received wirelessly from EPS™ Tags (people/assets), to the host running the EPS™ Tracker Server.  

Tracker Server Engine

The EPSTM Tracker Server software manages the network of Gateway(s), Reference Nodes and Mobile Nodes or Tags. The software provides an API to enable client applications use the Tag position and status information for industry-specific applications.

Visualiser Module for configuration of positioning system

Visualiser Module

Qualified partners receive example client applications to enable them develop their own specific software applications. Additionally, a GUI application is provided to enable system integrators quickly configure a new installation through simple drag-and-drop of Reference Nodes to the relevant positions on a site floorplan.

Open API for position detection solutions


EPSIF provides a low-overhead, open interface to the EPS Tracker Server supporting both push and pull modes of access to the high performance location tracking data.

The EPSIF access is supplied together with documentation and example source code, allowing your software development team to get up and running in a minimum of time.

For more details, download the EPSIF Open API Flyer by clicking on the image or this link.

Open API for position detection systems

OEM Module

Built around the BoomerangTM microchip, the core of Essensium's EPSTM RTLS system, these OEM modules allow qualified partners to embed RTLS capability into their own electronic product development.

Pictures and specifications are subject to change without notice.

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