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EPS SafeTrack automatically reduce forklift speed when risk of collision detected

EPS-enabled position tracking of forklifts and pedestrians triggers forklift speed reduction in speed limit zones or with collision warning.


The EPSTM SafeTrackTM solution is used to install a Collision Warning System at the LOGIS training centre for forklift driving and warehouse safety. This video shows material handling equipment and warehouse pedestrian operator positions being tracked across the warehouse, danger situations being detected, collision warning signals provided to the machine operator, and the vehicle speed automatically reduced. 


The EPSTM forklift connector unit provides a signal which automatically triggers the speed limiter whenever the vehicle enters a speed limit zone in the warehouse, or when a danger situation is detected such as a potential blind-corner collision. 


An unlimited number of speed limit zones (of any polygon shape) can be drawn on the warehouse floorplan. Typically these would include defined pedestrian areas and areas defined as high risk by the site safety manager.




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