Bringing Visibility to Wireless Networks

New tracking device for people, goods or vehicles.

The next generation BoomerangTM tag

Essensium announce the successful deployment of their new RTLS system-on-chip tracking device. 

With the size of a car key, a weight below 40grams, and extensive built in battery power, the Boomerang tag provides a variety of new different deployments.. 

The integrated radio design is based on Essensium´s patented technique for wide-over-narrowband, giving a unique combination of both high accuracy and long range RTLS performance.

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PDS Deployment for BASF Container Handling

Position Detection System at Antwerp Port

BASF announces successful deployment of Essensium's EPSTM based Position Detection System (PDS) as a Safety Assistance System helping in the protection of employees operating Container Handling Equipment (CHE) at their Antwerp facility.

Safety is productivity. The reduction of collision or near-miss incidents between handling equipment increases the safety of the work environment.Sneakers

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